Mr. Chen Mo is currently working at Inossem Canada Inc. responsible for its business development and delivery in many countries and regions around the world. Mr. Chen is also one of the co-founders of Inossem Canada Inc. and concurrently serves as the Chief Financial Officer.

Prior to joining Inossem Canada Inc., Mr. Chen Mi led consulting and technology-related businesses for multinational companies in multiple professional fields, especially corporate supply chain operations and global financial management and control. In more than 10 years of consulting career, Mr. Chen has worked in various positions in Accenture and SAP.

Mr. Chen Mi is good at managing vertical industries and strategic customers. His extensive work experience on a global scale supports his management of group companies and excellent ability to handle complex events.

Mr. Chen is committed to providing high-performance technology services for the energy and resource industries, process and discrete manufacturing industries, and engineering construction industries.