CCEC boards summary of the first term and election process for next term.

(December 3, 2020)

Dear board of directors and members:
Entrusted by the president of CCEC, the secretary, Mr Tom Zheng would like you to take note of the following summary of the work of CCEC during the first term of the board. 
In February 2017, CCEC established a preparatory committee, and on June 2, 2017, CCEC held a very warm reception to announce the launch of CCEC. Philippe Wang, Kheng Ly, Simon Qian, Tom Zheng, John Lee, Jack Zhan, Zhang Xiao were elected to the first term of CCEC Founding b o ard director s Dr. Philippe Wang was elected as the founding president of the board Mr Kheng Ly and Mr Simon Qian were elected as Vice presidents; Mr Tom Zheng was nominated as the secretary while Mr Zhang Xiao and Mr Zhan Xiaobo are the vice secretaries Looking back on the three years since the establishment of CCEC, under the leadership of Dr Wan, the support of our 7 board members and the close cooperation with all CCEC members, the CCEC secretariat has achieved its goals and objectives.
Firstly, a brand new "China Canada Economic and Trade Relations" platform has been established. CCEC has been designated as the organizer of the “China International Import Expo” by the Ministry of Commerce of China for 3 consecutive years. CCEC has supported and helped many Canadian companies to participate in the exhibition every year: 4 companies in 2018, 9 in 2019 and 6 in 2020 even with the Covid-19 pandemic going on. Let’s note that the exhibition area increased in 2020 even with the lower number of exhibitors pointing to a bigger interest in the event even with the deteriorating conditions. CCEC has achieved remarkable results in promoting China-Canada economic and trade
CCEC quickly established itself as a leading platform in the economic cooperation field. CCEC has signed cooperation agreements with CRIM (Commission des transports du Québec), Canada-China Business Council, Entreprendre ici, etc.! CCEC assisted the CRIM to organize the luncheon event for Ambassador Cong Peiwu, which was a remarkable event!
Secondly, in the past three years, CCEC has organized many influential large-scale community events, which have been well-received by the Chinese communities and mainstream society:
  1. On June 2, 2017, the CCEC inauguration party event; the local mainstream newspaper La Presse published an article covering the event on a large layout, and the local French TV station TVA posted 30 seconds of news of CCEC launching event. CCEC has received great attention from all walks of life and aroused great social response. Subsequently, the Chinese Ambassador of Canada Lu Shaye formally received the CCEC delegation at the Chinese embassy and published an article on their embassy news website. The reception by the ambassador set a precedent for the Chinese Embassy in Canada to meet with local Canadian Chinese organizations.
  2. The 2017 Christmas Masquerade ball was held in the CBC 42 studio. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (French: Société Radio-Canada), branded as CBC/Radio-Canada, a Canadian federal Crown corporation that serves as the national public broadcaster for both radio and television. This is the first time that the Canadian federal news agency has been open to a private social group. This high-level social masquerade ball shows the Chinese entrepreneurs’ love for life and culture, it provides an effective opportunity for mainstream society to learn about the Chinese community in many ways, and the party has left a good memory for individuals!
  3. In February 2018, CCEC held the opening ceremony of the "China-Canada Year of Tourism". Mr Lu Shaye, Chinese Ambassador, Ms Sun Jiwen, and Consul General Peng Jingtao of the Chinese Consulate in Montreal attended the opening ceremony. TVA TV station "Noon News”broadcasted the event live; along with the Xinhua News Agency and China News Agency! The headline article appeared on the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs website!
  4. In August 2018, CCEC organized the "Welcome Reception for The Chinese Consulate General Chen Xueming's New Luncheon". All CCEC board directors attended. This is the first time that the Montreal Chinese community has organized a high-level welcome party!
  5. In March 2019, CCEC organized the 2019 China International Import Expo Montreal Promotion Conference, introduced the venues, services and preparations of CIIE 2019 to Quebec business representatives, and answered questions on the spot. Showcasing China's huge consumer market, the local mainstream society was enchanted with the event.
  6. In August 2019, CCEC assisted the Chinese Consulate in organizing the first "Tourism Forum" in Mont Tremblant. The preparation period for the forum was four months, and the Consulate General was incredibly pleased with CCEC.
  7. In November 2019, CCEC organized the first "Quebec Chinese Entrepreneur Award Ceremony". After the preliminary selection, 21shortlisted candidates were selected for the final evaluation. After the third-party selection committee, 7 outstanding Chinese entrepreneurs, Community workers have won awards in their respective fields. It has promoted the model of Canadian Chinese in a positive sense and demonstrated to the society that Canadian Chinese entrepreneurs contribute to the economic development of Canada.
  8. In April 2020, CCEC launched a donation campaign for protective equipment to offer to the Chinese community. This campaign lasted 3 months. CCEC members raised more than 50,000 Canadian dollars to help more than 1,200 Chinese medical workers who are struggling to fight the epidemic in the great Montreal area. More than 50,000 masks and more than 100,000 pairs of gloves were distributed to high-risk groups such as pregnant women, pregnant women, the elderly, grocery store employees, and food delivery workers. We have donated more than 40,000 masks to the Montreal Chinese Hospital and handed out 15,000 masks and 10,000 pairs of gloves to the Montreal Institute for the Disabled. CCEC demonstrates that Canadian Chinese entrepreneurs have a great sense of social responsibility.
  9. In the past three years, CCEC has held 16 small professional seminars, covering finance, accounting, insurance, law, China-Canada cooperation, high-tech, cross-border e-commerce, personal branding, overseas education, immigration and real estate investment.
Thirdly, recruitment:
CCEC has strict review procedures for new applicants. When CCEC was founded, we had 27 founding members. After 3 years of development, there are 51 existing members (including 8 RBC group members). Ms Lindai Li was recruited as a fulltime employee of the CCEC secretariat division. The secretariat continues to strengthen team capacity building, and the function of the secretariat team has been significantly improved and its work is now efficient.
Fourthly, financials:
The main sources of CCEC funds are membership fees, corporate sponsorship, and conference income. In the three years since the establishment of CCEC, to improve the meaningful events most CCEC activities were held at a loss. At present, the funds on the CCEC account are: $14503.11. Each member of CCEC can ask Ms Lindai Li for detailed CCEC accounts.
Overall, CCEC has completed the first three years of work on a positive note.
Fifthly, exploration and deliberation:
In the three years of work, CCEC has achieved certain results and influences, but at the same time, due to lack of experience, it also encountered some challenges. in particular:
  1. Need to strengthen social media presence: CCEC's Facebook and official websites are not managed well, or the management is not professional enough.
  2. The internal management structure of CCEC needs to be strengthened, including legal consultation.
  3. Strengthen liaison, communication and interaction with mainstream society, organizations and institutions, and participate in their activities selectively to increase understanding and deepen cooperation. For example, a cooperation agreement has been signed, but the follow-up development has not been deepened.
  4. It is necessary to strengthen the communication and interaction between CCEC members, organize more diversified activities, and provide a multiform platform for communication and contact between members.
Sixthly, election:
  1. According to the CCEC regulations, 2020 is the year of election. We have been delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Among the members of the first board of directors, Qian Hong, Simon Qian, proposed to the chairman not to be re-elected for personal reasons. After a meeting and discussion, the board respected Simon's personal wishes and agreed to his request. On behalf of all members, the chairman of CCEC expressed his heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Qian and thanked him for his large amount of pragmatic work for CCEC in the past three years! Mr. Qian will continue to contribute to CCEC as a member in the future!
  2. For the second term of CCEC board of directors from 2021 to the end of 2023, 7 directors from all members will be elected.
  3. All members who pay the fees on time will each have 1 vote. 7 people will be elected according to the number of votes. Those with the same number of votes will require a second vote.
  4. The Secretariat will distribute the ballots through private messages, please fill in and send to Ms Lindai Li by Wechat or email to:
  5. Deadline for voting: December 11, 2020, 12am
  Message from the president of CCEC I sincerely thank all members for their attention and support to the development of CCEC, and for their active participations and contributions to various activities. I am grateful to those members who have given time and generous sponsorship in important CCEC events. My gratitude goes to the members of CCEC for their efficient, serious and responsible work. I also want to thank the CCEC Secretariat for its effective, meticulous, and tireless dedication. My friends, CCEC's three-year experience has confirmed beyond doubts the necessity and inevitability of our existence, and we are looking forward for your continued support and cooperation for the development of CCEC in the next three years and beyond. Please stay safe and thank you!   CCEC Secretariat.