About Us

CCEC is a non-for-profit organization registered in Canada. Its main members are Chinese entrepreneurs living in Canada. The basic characteristics of CCEC’s membership are "non-profit and non-political". Headquarter is set in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. As a non-for-profit civil organization, CCEC is committed to promoting business cooperation and sustained and healthy development between China and Canada by promoting commercial righteousness, building an effective exchange platform between its members and between China and Canada. CCEC encourages and supports information exchange, resource sharing and fair and effective cooperation among members. CCEC advocates open communication, innovation, healthy competition, sustainable development and socially responsible entrepreneurial spirit. CCEC seeks to actively cooperate with other organizations in an understanding, respectful and comprehensive manner. CCEC through the high level of business activities and active social participation,implementits own ideas and objectives to expand and increase the influence and say of Chinese-Canadian enterprises and even the Chinese community in the local mainstream society.