Canadian Chinese entrepreneurs have made very important contributions to China-Canada economic and trade relations. On the evening of December 8, 2022, the CCEC 2022 Canadian Chinese Entrepreneurs Awards GALA ended perfectly, 600 people attended the gala!
We have invited Mr. Dai Yuming, Chinese Consul General in Montreal, Canadian Senator Victor Oh, former Canadian Attorney General Martin Cauchon, former Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre, Saint-Laurent Mayor Alan DeSousa, Brossard Mayor Doreen Assaad and other guests.
A total of 21 Chinese business enterprise candidates competed for 7 awards. The list of winners is as follows:
1. Outstanding "New Immigrant" Entrepreneurship Award: Wang Jie, RÊVECUISINE
RÊVECUISINE From the leader of the world's top 500 ALSTOM and GE's billion-dollar projects to the partner of Rêvecuisine, Céline WANG has injected the management essence of international projects accumulated for 13 years into Rêvecuisine. Today, Céline Wang and Rêvecuisine achieve mutual success. Join hands to start the Starlink project of North American cabinet industry in the upcoming 2023!
2. Outstanding Quebec Export Enterprise Award: Liang Chuan, IT Action
IT ACTIONS is an IT hardware distribution company established in Montreal, Canada in 2018, dedicated to serving OEM factories that produce high-performance servers and data storage. The products provided by the company are mainly mid-to-high-end CPU, SSD, HDD and memory products used in cloud computing data centers, and at the same time provide consulting opinions for customers' medium and long-term supply chain management plans. Since its establishment, the company has experienced rapid development in 2019, and at the same time has faced the challenge of the covid epidemic on the global economy since 2020. By responding to customer needs quickly and efficiently, the company's turnover has reached 20 million US dollars. Customers cover Asia, America and Europe, and are also deeply involved in several large-scale data center and cloud computing center projects under construction.
3. Outstanding Community Contribution Award: Jimmy Chan, Zhan Juhui, Li Xiaoqin
Jimmy Chan, the president of the Chen Association, the founder of "One World, One Humanity", takes serving the society as his mission. Director of Montreal Chinese Hospital Foundation and Montreal Chinese Community United Center. Team organizer, captain and coach of the Montreal International Dragon Boat Festival since 1995. As an award-winning filmmaker, his two recent successful documentaries "Save Chinatown" 2021 and 2022 had their world premieres at the "Canada China International Film Festival" and had a huge impact on saving Chinatown.
Mr. Zhan Juhui is the chairman of the board of directors of the Montreal Chinese Hospital Foundation; in 2000, he was awarded the Economic and Cultural Contribution Medal by the Minister of Economics and Culture, Mr. Martin Cauchon. In 2002, he was awarded the Golden Jubilee Medal by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. In 2012, by The Diamond Jubilee Medal presented by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
Li Xiaoqin, Principal and Founder of Montreal Confucius School Executive Chairman of Montreal West Island Chinese Culture and Sports Center President and Founder of Canadian Federation of Chinese Schools. In 2011, the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office awarded Li Xiaoqin the honor of "Outstanding Person Enthusiastic about Overseas Chinese Education"; in 2013 Montreal, the Confucius School was awarded the title of "Overseas Chinese Education Model School"; in December 2017, the large-scale documentary "Chinese School Glimpse" broadcast on CCTV International Channel made an in-depth report on Li Xiaoqin and the Confucius School; members of the Canadian Parliament also paid special tribute to Confucius The school issued a "Successful Education" certificate. Ms. Li Xiaoqin has devoted herself to the cause of spreading Chinese culture and uniting Chinese strength for a long time. It has made outstanding contributions in promoting cultural exchanges between ethnic Chinese and mainstream society, and enhancing the international influence of Chinese culture in the local area!
4. Outstanding Chinese Enterprise Influence Award: He Huazhong, Newon Supermarket
Founded in 2018, Xingwang Supermarket now owns two large Asian supermarkets and the online shopping platform, providing customers with a full range of online and offline services; Newon people always adhere to providing customers with high-quality, affordable and convenient products The products and services won the favor of the majority of customers in order to complete the development plan of opening two stores in three years. The Downtown store of Newon Supermarket is located on Saint-Catherine O Street. It opened in September 2019 and is the largest Chinese supermarket in the Downtown area. Due to the good operation of the company , the development momentum is strong, in 2020 the company decided to take advantage of the trend to open a Newon Supermarket CDN store, and opened in October 2021. The supermarket is now mainly engaged in imported food from Asia, fresh fruits and vegetables, raw seafood, frozen food, eggs, poultry meat, cooking Materials, daily necessities, snacks and beverages are the first choice for overseas students and Chinese families to shop. Newon Supermarket has always been committed to delivering health and serving the public, and strives to move forward.
5. Best Chinese Youth Entrepreneurship Award: Haonan, Guiker
Founded in 2016, Guiker is dedicated to modernizing the residential real estate industry with technology that simplifies the tenant-landlord relationship, providing convenient tools for every step of the leasing process. In doing so, we enable individual homeowners to take the time out of the day-to-day and focus on their long-term investment goals. As an economic empowerment platform, Guiker has helped thousands of small landlords increase their income while helping tenants from over 50 countries find new homes. Our mission is to make real estate ownership accessible to everyone and open doors for those who refuse to settle.
7. Outstanding Chinese Female Entrepreneur Award: Wu Minying, President of Boda Group
Ms. Wu Minying, president of Boda Group, graduated from Shanghai International Studies University and obtained a master’s degree from McGill University in Canada. She founded Boda Group in 2006 and served as the group’s president. She has nearly 30 years of experience in corporate management and nearly 20 years in real estate Project investment, development and management experience. With her unparalleled work enthusiasm, unwavering belief in success, and strong leadership and appeal, Ms. Wu led Boda Group to strive hard in the extremely challenging market of Quebec Province, making the company grow from small to large, from small to large. From weak to strong, it has become a well-known developer in the Dameng area. In the Greater Montreal area, especially in several key towns on the South Shore, there are large-scale real estate development projects and commercial shopping centers, which have made outstanding contributions to the local economic development.
8. Outstanding Chinese Entrepreneur Award: Mi Chen, Inossem Canada
Inossem Canada is an enterprise-level software application solution provider with global business. It is committed to designing and developing the application capabilities of digital technology in complex business scenarios of enterprises, realizing the intelligent connection of people, things and business processes, and helping enterprises Expand your business globally to drive digital transformation and change. Mr. Chen Mi is the co-founder of Inossem, and previously worked in SAP and Accenture, the world's leading information technology companies.