October 20th, 2018, the official foundation ceremony of Canadian Chapter of AFF was held in Montreal, Quebec.

  AFF (Asia Fortune Forum) is a permanent establishment of Asian political and commercial circles. It was founded in 2008, under the guidance of the Asian governments and relevant ministries in China. The forum roots in China, based on Asia and radiates all over the world. It’s a high-end platform for economic communication and business cooperation among the Asian countries and between Asian countries and other parts of the world; it’s a grand banquet of guiding fortune and twinkling fortune thoughts for Asian elites who are in politics, business, science, research and management; it’s also a high-end international organization which mainly consist of top leaders of Asian countries, local leaders, ambassadors, business leaders, experts, scholars, social celebrities etc.

Han Jianfeng, Executive Chairman of AFF

Council Members of AFF Canadian Chapter